Please Donate to Sparrow Life 4 Kids

Our immediate need for the children at this time is textbooks. The cost is $2000 for all textbooks for the entire school year. Any donation you can make toward the purchase of these books would be most greatly appreciated. 
Click the Donate button below to help us buy textbooks. Thank you!
  •  • Sponsor a child: $30/month
  •  • Support a teacher: $100/month
  •  • School supplies: $90/child/year
  •  • Feed a child one meal a day: $1
  •  • Buy a goat for a child: $75
  •  • Buy a cow for a student: $500
  •  • Buy a bed and mattress for orphan: $125
  •  • Support operations: Jars with Quarters
  • You may donate any amount.
    Simply fill in the dollar amount you wish to contribute!
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